Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Perception Disorder

So I have this little issue with sarcasm. I have a great love for sarcasm and tend to ladle it liberally over everything like a rich sauce. The only problem I have is that unless I'm right in the middle of an obvious sarcasm-fest, I have little or no ability to detect it.

I just read somewhere that scientists have located the part of your brain that detects sarcasm by studying people with a specific kind of dementia. These are folks to whom you could say, "Wow, nice weather" in the middle of a blizzard and they wouldn't get it. I'm not quite that bad, but I get caught out quite a bit.

HA! THERE! Not my fault!!!

I realize that this may not appear to be quite the cathartic experience you see on a lot of blogs, but this is huge for me. All those years of not-quite-getting-it are now suddenly ameliorated. It's not my fault that I wind up red-faced in conversation at least three times a day because my brain is deffective! Well, that might be putting it a little strongly, but who knew you could actually be physically short on sarcasm detection?

I'll start a foundation! We'll hold fund raisers! There'll be little buttons you can click on websites to donate to the cure! We'll have little ribbon magnet stickers to put on the trunk of your car... in TARTAN! (Drip! Whoops, got a little sarcasm on the keyboard there.)

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  1. That was the sarcasm dripping? I thought it was your brain.

    *adorable defensiveness* You said it was defective.

    My brain is going to be defective with all this word verification. The letters mavyinq are not supposed to go together.


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