Saturday, July 12, 2008

Old Friends

What luck to have a handful of really good friends in this world. In college I was tight with four other guys and we called ourselves the A-Team. Over the years we've all moved around and found lovely wives and the times we see each other are pretty few and far between. The guys that still live in NYC see each other all the time, and the one from Colorado travels there all the time on business. But for the Daytons, it's pretty much a matter of someone getting married or having a baby in order for us to get a visit in.

Amazingly, the Colorado member of the team was moving through upstate New York on a two week camping vacation and managed an overnight at our place. We picked up right where we left off and it's like barely a day has passed since the wedding we were all at last summer. The kids played, the ladies visited, the men got a face full of booze at the tractor pull up the road, it was sheer bliss.

Not that there's anything particularly earth shattering about this kind of thing, but my scene is full of hundreds of acquaintances, and good ones at that, but contact with really good friends and now their spectacular offspring is good medicine.

Thanks for comin' guys. And put the iPhone down dude, pay some attention to your wife.

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