Monday, July 21, 2008

Making Contact

I had a ham radio first while on vacation this weekend. I have my call sign, KC2PNF on the back of my truck, to identify myself as an amateur radio operator to other hams. Nobody knows why we're called hams, so don't ask. I also have 146.52 next to it, which is the national calling frequency on the 2 meter band. I have those two things on there in the hope that another ham might see me driving and call me on the radio.

This has never happened.

Likely this is because hams in my area tend to have other frequencies that they talk to each other every day on. Sometimes driving down an interstate, hams will look for someone on 6.52, but more often than not they'll just scan around till they hear other hams already talking and join in.

Blah, blah, blah, boring dissertaion on radio...

So anyway, we were driving to see some relatives, The Missus is at the wheel and I'm not paying attention to anything at all. Then she leans over and says, "Hey, there's a ham guy." This statement is amazing enough in that to say that she dislikes radio would be to massively understate things. The second amazing thing was that it was KC2LGR, a ham formerly from the area whom I've spoken to in his new location in Arizona. And to top it off he had 146.52 on the back window of his truck.

So I whipped out my HT, which is ham-speak for walkie talkie, and gave him a call. After three tries with no answer, The Misses made use of the passing gear and I stuck my fingers out the window. No, I didn't flip him off for not responding, I signed five two, five two. He got on frequency and we said a few words. That was it.

This is what passes for high excitement in the world of ham radio. I guess I'm bent, cause I thought so too. Not quite as exciting as working a station in Eastern Europe or the depths of South America, but not bad for what would otherwise have been a boring car trip.

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  1. I don't dislike the radio. It was just getting to be a lot to listen about for a while. I'm glad you have something you like to do that isn't work. Really. So there. And stuff.


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