Friday, June 06, 2008

Job Satisfaction

Yesterday marked my first day working with the full crew in almost a month for me. I had been sent out far and wide to wrap up all the side jobs that the boss had taken. And while this was a good deal of fun, it was also a lot of head scratching, time pressure and I had just one other guy for company the whole time.

There's a possibility that there might be a lucrative position for me as a broadcast master engineer. I haven't even spoken to the guy directly yet, and I'm not sure I'm qualified or could stand the commute and indoor working conditions. In fact, I was so happy the last two days on the job site that I'm actually hoping the guy doesn't ever call me, cause I would be hard pressed to choose between financial security and feeling this good about myself.


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Ah, but if there could be both...wouldn't that be loverly?

    Word verification? Have people been sending you penis enlargement and insurance spam? Bastards.

    I heard you don't need either.

  2. clwfzxh oops wrong box.

    Like I always say, its good to be happy, but better to be filthy rich.

    And I do believe the rumor is that you do have mighty fine insurance.


  3. How many people are you showing that insurance policy to? For crying out loud.

    File that thing away already.


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