Sunday, May 25, 2008

Strange Lineup

I mixed the weirdest gig yesterday. Not that fund raiser battles of the bands are all that unusual, but the lineup of performers was. Every single act had at least one member in their fifties! Even the youth choir and the single teen-age act (one kid's dad was the drummer) had members with more than five decades under their belts. I didn't realize they were setting a precedent when the opening act was an octagenarian bluegrass band.

I really miss the days of mixing set after set for high school bands. Sweaty youths with scraggly hair, cheap out-of-tune guitars and barely perceptible moustaches, grinding away with intense fervor for their "big break". Even if most of them were complete crap it was fun to watch kids living the dream. Occasionally some of them would even be kind of good. Now I feel like I wasted a day of my life mixing for bar buzzards and wedding acts.


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  1. vanessa12:46 PM

    I miss those days too. the Rink Rock-fest and detente's....ummmm



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