Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Winter's Over

This is not going to be the usual joyful ramble about the wonders of the Earth, waking from their long slumber. This is going to be a rant about the state of retail in America.

I realize that the retail industry has time-tested formulas for how they keep their stock of seasonal items. I know that at some point they have to put away the mittens and things to make room for sandbox toys. But for cryin’ in the sink… I live in Western New York!!! Ever heard of a “Buffalo Winter”? This is the part of the country where kids wear their long johns under their Halloween costumes and we have blizzards on Mothers’ Day!

So, last week (the last week in March) while it was snowing sideways one day at work, I lost my warm hat. I went in search of another warm hat and was totally disappointed. Just tonight I went looking for some new boots to keep the mud and occasional snow of the season off my socks and again, had no luck.

That’s retail for you! Hey guys! It’s the middle of January already… we better put away the snow suits and get out the shorts, people are gonna want to hit the beach soon!!! Not yours truly, I would like to refrain from, in the local parlance, “freezin em off” until the actual warm weather gets here. Cripes! I’m going to have to start monitoring the life span of my outerwear and stock up in August (which is when really good deals on winter clothing abound, logically of course), just in case I wear through my gloves in February when all I can find on the racks are cargo shorts and sandals.


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  1. theres this nice store in Bristol area that sells Carhart year round for discounted prices.
    it's pretty sweet, they have other non-Carhart stuff too.
    in case you needed something.


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