Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Quote of the Day - That Bag

The owner of the construction company that I just started with also raises some beef cattle. One day last week after finishing some repairs in the barn, the boss and a few others were standing around admiring the herd. Some were more experienced farm hands than others (I only worked two summers doing hay on a dairy farm, I know next to nothing about cows). Some uttered phrases like, “Hey, look at that one, he’s got some spirit” and, “That’s that runt we didn’t think was going to make it.” The topper of them all though was when the boss pointed to one and uttered the following:

“Look at the bag under that heifer!” (pronounced HEFF-er for your city kids)

Indeed… There were knowing grunts all around while the roofer and the electrician (myself) just looked at each other. Priceless. I heard a few other phrases this week that fall into the category of geezer-isms. I collect the exclamations of old men and write them down on my Palm Pilot so I can remember them and perplex the coming generations. This weeks gems are:

“He’s got a twelve boot and a four hat.”


“He’s sharp as a bag of wet mice.”

That last one reminds me of my very favorite Foghorn Leghorn phrase, “Ni- I say nice kid, but the boy’s about as sharp as a bowlin’ ball.” I've got a whole article saved up about geezer-isms, I'll get it posted shortly.

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  1. Ha I concur to this very much so I knew nothing except my humble rice pad deep within the marshes of Albion. Sometimes we get a lot of talk about the farm land in those parts ( emphasis on a lot) I've learned to cope though merely picking out phrases that i understand. I have found that the following words used in any sort of conversation might come in handy "It's got a hemi, and I've plowed better corn than that. In short Farmer talk has become a lot like aim language these days and I fear that their meaning is lost to those
    of us less fortunate to being educated in such a way.


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