Wednesday, March 05, 2008

They Weren’t Kidding

Some time when I was in college I read that people of my generation (I’m 31) would change careers an average of five times over the course of their lives. (Not jobs, careers!) I’ve already been through three, having earned my bread in web and multimedia design, carpentry, and music production. Now it’s time for yet another switch, although this time it’s back to construction, so I don’t know if that’s actually a career change exactly. I guess I’ll have to change my web site to indicate that I’m now a carpenter who fills in with gigs again.

Things have been pretty slow lately for a career sound guy who fills in with construction work in between gigs. So slow that I finally had to go looking for work, a regular “job” type job. Ugh. Fortunately it’s with a pretty good crew, not too taxing on the brain, and above all, I don’t have to do paperwork before, during, and after work.

So, despite the much-needed boost to the family economic situation I find that I’m already missing the days when I mixed all the time. Not so much the work of it, because it’s all work and it’s all heavy and I’m always sweaty, I’m just changing the way I get tired. I read a post on MySpace from my sidekick of four years saying he missed doing shows together. I didn’t get all choked up or anything, but it was kind of a downer to realize that there’s a whole circle of friends that I’ll be seeing a lot less of now. In a way it was already happening. The local music scene has its ups and downs, band members age out and go to college, venues open and close. The scene in my area has been in steady decline for a long time for all those reasons and appears to have finally beached itself on the ever so rocky bottom.

I guess you can’t have it all. I’m really lucky to have had the career I’ve had in sound. It’s been a great ride and I’ve been to some great places. Don’t take this to mean I’m hanging up the cans (headphones for you non-sound types) or anything, the calendar still has gigs on it. But the days when I could do two or three gigs a week and live comfortably are gone and having a good place in a good company doesn’t quite make up for that. Of course with things changing at the rate they are these days, I could easily find myself hanging up the tool belt in a couple years to go on tour or something. There… that made up for the last 2% that I was lacking.

Whew… blogging saves the day, my shrink misses out this time.

P.S. To Ruben: You don’t call, you don’t text, all I get is a lousy comment on MySpace?!? You cut me deep man…


  1. hey wanna be in a band with me?
    that's a career you might want.
    i wish i didn't live out here in no man's land so we could hang out.
    but i can call you.
    i have nothing better to do.
    then maybe if you ever head out to ROC way we can chill.
    you ROCK man!



    And don't encourage him, Larry, because while I don't know where you live, I can find out.

    And if you (Larry) need something better to do, I'm happy to compile a list of 50 things you can do to fill that colossal void.


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