Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cuppa Joe

(Correction follows re: link to the website of the coffee we drink.)

I see that attendance is up, which gave me a big grin. My wife’s blog is gaining momentum, which is not surprising because she’s a much better writer than I am. I hope that all you visitors are compiling your list of 100 random things about yourselves to send in.

I’m pretty beat today, long day on a roof. I did want to take just a moment to sing the praises of French press coffee though. In a brief moment of rest at work today, one of the guys was complaining about the price increase in his daily cup of coffee from whatever gas station he frequents in the morning. Over the course of the discussion I was thinking the entire time about how glad I am that my wife got a press for Christmas and that we’re churning out beautiful, thick, mud with it and that I no longer have any interest whatsoever in the bean tea that most places call coffee.

Instead of swilling that watery stuff all day in an effort to get my head running at full speed, it only takes about half of my travel mug to get things started, and then I polish off the rest for sheer enjoyment. The other nice thing is that the coffee we buy is through a Fair Trade program that removes several middle men from the process and actually pays the poor guys that grow the stuff a decent (reads: enough to actually live on) price for it. We saw a documentary on PBS one night about how these farmers get just a few pennies a pound for their beans, and by the time that same pound crosses the counter at Fourbucks it has netted them over US$200. Even with paying the farmers well, our stuff is comparably priced with the gourmet beans from the store or coffee shop. We get ours from a local church that participates, you can find locations at the Global Exchange site.

And did I mention how good the stuff is?! Most stuff you get at the store is so bitter when you brew it strong because it either takes forever to get it over here, or it’s just plain over-roasted. I can brew a mug up that hardly a single photon can find its way through and it’s just as smooth and nice as can be. If you want to feel like you’re changing the world without going through too much hardship, I highly recommend looking into Fair Trade coffee.

Correction: The website of the folks we get our coffee from is actually Equal Exchange. Not that there's anything wrong with the Golobal Exchange stuff it's just not what we get.

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