Saturday, March 08, 2008

100 Random Things About Me (Contest)

My wife was interested in finding out about the people who read her blog, The Dayton Time. She posted 100 random things about herself and invited all her readers to send her their 100. She offered a loaf of fresh bread baked by herself to the best one. Here’s my 100, send me yours in an e-mail, say weather or not you want me to post it to the blog and I’ll let you know if you win.

Here’s my 100 things, in no particular order:

1. My business is powered by Mountain Dew (Vitamin M) It’s like liquid hit points. If you drink enough you get to level up and go into consulting.
2. I don’t like beer but I love Guinness. Vitimin G.
3. My three favorite people in the world are my wife, my father and my grandfather, God rest him.
4. I love radios, ham, CB, walkie-talkies, you name it.
5. I love mixing rock shows.
6. Most things are hard for me to concentrate on, but mixing is as easy as breathing.
7. I have had ringing in my ears my entire life.
8. My children are the most charming and lovely in the world. I’m enchanted by them.
9. Other people’s children often annoy me, with some acceptions.
10. I like to read Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum books.
11. I think the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the finest cinematic experience, bar none.
12. When I’m driving I spot antennas like hunters find deer.
13. I talk to myself continuously when driving alone, slightly less when there are other people in the car.
14. I have a list of funny things George Parrish said at coffee break on my Palm Pilot
15. The weirdest show I ever mixed featured a Korean language death metal band followed by the Elm City Banjo Society.
16. I like to play guitar, but all the songs I want to play only sound good if a whole band plays them.
17. I’m amazed at my accomplishments because I don’t think I have what it takes.
18. I like that people are surprised that I don’t freak out in intense situations.
19. When something happens suddenly at work I like to say, “Wow, that was exciting” in a dead-pan voice.
20. Chip Grinnell revealed a great mystery of my life when he said, “You’re just like me… you’re scared of everything but you do it anyway.”
21. I’m terrified of black people but fascinated by black culture.
22. I’m totally frustrated by the way most promoters run their shows and usually totally unwilling to help them out.
23. My favorite local bands are Joey Vicious, Down To Earth Approach and Last Conservative (all defunct).
24. I love heavy metal but I hate Metallica.
25. People think I’m shifty because I don’t make eye contact, but I’m really just reading lips because my tinnitus (ringing in the ears) makes it hard for me to pull speech out of background noise.
26. I do all the things I hate most in other people.
27. I’m working on that.
28. Good music, of any sort, gives me goose bumps.
29. I almost never listen to recorded music.
30. I want to spend my vacations at home.
31. I don’t think of myself as a grownup and I don’t ever plan to.
32. I’m in awe of my wife.
33. I don’t know where my diplomas are.
34. I change my own oil.
35. My favorite car is a ’69 Plymouth Road Runner Super Bird 440, in Plum Crazy.
36. Breaking up with girlfriends sucked, but it was only because they turned out not to be my wife.
37. I’m so glad I’m married.
38. I’m SO glad I’m married.
39. I love nicknames.
40. I can speak two languages I made up with my friends. (Held funkin yesolds!)
41. I can tell when my cell phone sends out a blip to the tower, my hip tingles.
42. – is the answer to the ultimate question.
43. I love people who have been old for my entire life.
44. I love to cuss but only for fun, I try to say something silly when I’m mad.
45. I waited seventeen years to use a line I heard in highschool.
46. Whoever my best friend is becomes my partner in a comedy duo.
47. I would rather have dental work done than do paperwork.
48. Numbers are words to me.
49. I bought my retirement home when I was 24.
50. I will never retire.
51. I live in the house my father grew up in. Daytons have lived here for seventy years.
52. My cats know how to change size.
53. The taught my children how to do it.
54. I wrote my first computer program in 1985 on an Apple II+.
55. I can’t decide if saying things like, “I’ve been doing this since before you were born” is fun or depressing.
56. I have no idea what my favorite food is, but I’m pretty sure it’s something my wife makes.
57. I believe that it’s a crime to deny the current generation the opportunity to watch Looney Tunes at 11 am on Saturday.
58. I love steak, but only as a vehicle for A-1. I know this is wrong and don’t care.
59. The list of music I hate is much shorter than the list of music I love. Kenny G, Stephen Sondheim and Latin music, that’s it. Everything else is tolerable.
60. I don’t smoke pot because I already feel slow and hungry.
61. Trying to shop quickly in a four acre store that’s packed with waddling fat people makes me madder than anything else.
62. I read the Lord of the Rings and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy trilogies at least once every three years.
63. I have a long list of windows I want to see the view from that I slowly check off in my head.
64. I wanted to be a squirrel when I was little, I still do sometimes.
65. My earliest memory is of my dad giving me cold medicine in my crib in the middle of the night.
66. People tell me I have a voice for radio.
67. I tell them it’s just phrasing and breath support.
68. I have a hunch that if we keep finding ways to be cheap we can actually stay ahead of inflation.
69. “Dude”
70. I love the smell of cow shit in the spring time.
71. I have peace that passes all understanding.
72. For no good reason I’m superstitious about telling people my middle name.
73. At a show, I would rather loan you my spare console than my Sharpie.
74. I think people who say they can fix anything with duct tape should invest in a roll of gaffer’s tape and move out of the dark ages.
75. I have been a best man three times. HAT-TRICK!!!
76. I’m a lightweight but I can hold my liquor.
77. I have big shoes to fill.
78. When I’m fitting actors with wireless mics I have to suppress an overwhelming urge to smack them on the back of the neck when I’m done.
79. The scar on my right eyebrow is from a farm accident, but if I tell people it’s from a knife fight they usually believe me.
80. I only watch sports during the Olympics.
81. I still have a pair of socks that were given to me on my seventh birthday, unworn.
82. I married a cheerleader.
83. She’s likely smarter than you.
84. If you don’t have anything nice to say… come sit next to us!
85. I once spent the night in a Denny’s.
86. I love it when my kids run to hug me when I get home from work, but I can’t wait till they get a little taller.
87. I believe that there is no room that cannot be made to look worse with the application of cheap paneling.
88. My favorite number is the square root of the reciprocal of negative infinity.
89. My internal monologue is music, and they house band is way in the pocket.
90. My motto is, “I’ve been getting ready for this my entire life.”
91. I’m a townie.
92. I used to have an attitude problem, but I told it to piss off!
93. I have ridden my bike around Lake Ontario.
94. I have a friend who can statistically prove that he’s immortal. Out of all the days he’s been alive he hasn’t been dead once. I like his odds.
95. I’d rather be driving my Soundcraft.
96. I would drink maple syrup if I were allowed to.
97. Sometimes I just have a little nip.
98. I haven’t paid to go to a concert in almost ten years.
99. Sometimes I stand in my kitchen closet because it’s warm and quiet in there.
100. I hate SUVs but only because I think they’re ugly.

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