Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Day at the Grind

I live a charmed life. I went from being a carpenter who did a little sound work on the weekends, pursuing my expensive and time-consuming hobby. Over the last two years my hobby has become my primary occupation and now I just do a little carpentry on the side. (By the way, call me if you need any work done, things are pretty slow this month.) There was a point a couple years ago when I had four or five days of sound work in a row and said jokingly to my wife that I should quit building and do sound full time. She agreed, she thought I came home in a much better mood when I’d been doing sound.
Well, now instead of pulling wires or hanging drywall all day, I do shows.

I leave the house at all hours of the day and night, in all manner of weather, fair and foul. I drive uncounted miles to far-flung venues and carry 2800 pounds of gear to the stage. Usually I have to climb stairs with it; sometimes I have to shovel the stairs first. I sweat, always, the weather doesn’t matter. Then I get it all plugged in and run the show, two to three hours of set up time and an hour to twelve hours of show, followed by two more hours of loading out. It’s a period of intense concentration sandwiched between two periods of heavy lifting, then I drive home, still in a muck sweat and usually arrive in my driveway so stiff that I more or less fall out of my truck.

And yet, compared to the steady grind of construction work, I come home far happier and well adjusted. My favorite saying is that even a terrible day at a rock concert is better than a good day hanging drywall.

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  1. hey if you need any help. let me know. i'm free a lot lately. and i'd love to hang with you.


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