Friday, January 27, 2006

Plaing [dead] With the Kids

My cousin just posted something about grunting like an old man when he get's up from playing on the floor with his kid. He's only 36 and feeling like old age is creeping up on him a little early. I could go on about the things about adult-hood that nobody ever tells you about, but that's been done to death by stand up comedians. The next thing that popped into my head was this about coping:

When I’ve been pulling wires or hanging drywall all day I often come home feeling like my arms are attached to my body with thin pieces of string. On days like this it’s still my duty to run interference while my wife get’s dinner together. So I’ve developed a system of play that involves holding my six month son on my chest and lying down with my eyes shut while my three year old daughter makes requests for impressions while she plays with things.

“Dad! Talk like Tigger!”
“Napth are what Tiggerth love betht!”
“Dad! Talk like Pooh!”
“Oh bother… I’m sleepy.”
“Dad! Talk like Marlin”
“Nemo?” “Dad?” “Nemo?” “Dad?”
“Son!” “Oh Dad I missed you!”

If you’ve ever read “The Giving Tree” to your kids you’ll remember the tree that gives her friend everything she has, apples, branches, trunk, and when there’s nothing left she still offers her stump for the boy to sit on. Come 5 o’clock just call me “Stumpy”.

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